Tom Dwan Biography

This 21-year-old Poker champion is best known for his amazing Full Tilt Poker performances under the player name of Durrrr. Success at such a young age has not been his weakness as most oppositional players might have presumed as he has proved time and again that age and talent are completely unrelated for this man of skills. He is a frequent player at the PokerStars wherein he is known by his other screen name, Hold_emNL.
Tom Dwan belongs to Edison, New Jersey where he had a fairly normal childhood until the day opted to drop out of Boston University to follow his true calling in the game of Poker. This realisation of being especially talented in Poker came to him rather early from the time he indulged in leisure games of Poker in his college days. He lost no time in dedicating his skill of reading the hands of his opponents exceptionally well, to Poker by indulging in numerous online gaming sites to brush up on his experience. With his inherent skill and passion to learn, he soon picked up the fine practicalities of Poker to earn the title of being one of the toughest and youngest players online.

Tom has an increasingly good reputation of being the ultimate challenger in Poker games as he is capable of playing six concurrent games at the same time and emerging as the winner in a majority of them. For those who tried comparing his age to his skills, here is another shocker. He has through his career of Poker earned a whopping $2,000,000 and more just via winning high stakes online. What is more remarkable is the fact that he was almost a prodigy at the age of 17 to go ahead and compete at the European Poker Tour only to end up 12th in the ranking.

To speak about Tom’s winning streak in more depth, the following are his outstanding achievements:

· In 2007, playing in the WPT NLH Championship Event he achieved the 4th place gaining an attractive $324,244
· In 2008, playing No Limit Hold’em in World Poker Tournament Borgata Winter Open earned him the 2nd position and a prize money of $226,100
· In 2008, playing Pot Limit Omaha in the Aussie Millions Poker Championship got him the 2nd place and a cash prize of $90,000
· In the Five Star World Poker Classic, Dwan managed to win the 9th position for himself earning an impressive $184,670 from it.
· In 2008, playing WSOP Mixed Event Championship earned him the 8th position with a prize of $54,144
· Again, in 2008, in the WSOP NL 2-7 Draw Lowball he claimed $45,100 after acquiring the 8th position.

Tom definitely has his personal favourites among the various Poker games, which includes the Pot Limit Omaha and the No Limit Hold’em Poker. This young energetic player is distinctly known for claiming high stakes and showing off well-developed poker skills which has earned him millions of fans world over. This fearless risk taker has earned his fame and recognition through his sheer skill and talent.

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Film Festivals -Not just about Promoting Celluloid Characters

Film festivals have become an integral part of cinematic culture in many parts of the world.  In addition to just being a great way to show movies to the public, film festivals have also become a way for movie creators beyond the major companies to get their films out to the world.  There are a handful of different types of film festivals, each highlighting a special aspect of cinema.  These festivals have been taking place for a while and continue to grow in popularity and importance.

A film festival is a gathering of people who create movies and the public that devours them.  They are organized and long presentations of numerous films which can take place in any screening location, indoor or even outdoor.  These festivals are generally for movies that have just been released, but can also be a celebration of older films.

Film festivals haven’t been around for a historically significant amount of time simply due to the fact that movies themselves really haven’t been around for very long either.  The first notable festival took place in Venice in 1932.  The Edinburgh International Film Festival, the longest continually running film festival in the world, started in 1947 and has been going ever since.  Other significant film festivals that laid the ground work for their greater popularity took place in 1946-1951.  These early festivals helped make the modern ones possible.

The year 1953 marked the first North American Film festival, the Colombus International Film Festival.  Four years after that, the San Francisco International Film Festival was held in March 1957 and emphasized feature-length dramatic films.  This festival played a significant part in making film festivals a cultural icon that introduces foreign and independent films to the public who might otherwise not see them.

One of the greatest aspects of film festivals is that there are so many different types all over the world.  There are film festivals which celebrate the noir films of past and present.  There are terror filled festivals that display the gory and suspenseful horror films.  There are festivals dedicated to independent films which help make it possible for movie creators outside the major production companies to become known.

All of these different types of film festivals do far more than just show off movies.  They actually enhance culture by widening the scope of movies that are known and available to the world.  Especially in the early days of film festivals, it was difficult, if not impossible, for the majority of people to experience foreign films.  The film cultures of other countries simply wasn’t accessible to the general public.  Film festivals played a major role in changing this.

Modern cinema wouldn’t be what it is today without the contributions of film festivals.  In addition to being great entertainment, they allow the creative minds that exist beyond major film companies to share their work with the world.  It is because of this contribution that film festivals are a significant cultural resource which must be appreciated by anyone that enjoys a good movie. As the title goes, film festivals have come of age and are no more a merely event that is run for promoting films of different culture but an opportunity in which film aficionados gather together with a common interest- to appreciate quality movies.

Film Festivals Have Come A Long Way- From Political Propaganda to Top-Notch Entertainment

Lights, Camera, and Action! Everyone enjoys a good film festival every once in a while. There is nothing like kicking back with friends to see independent, foreign, or just plain good old films. Who would have thought of such a concept? Someone that loves to have fun. Where did this all start? The 1920’s saw the rise of Hollywood, and with it, public movements. Film societies and clubs seem to rise out of nowhere across many countries. Hollywood simply dominated over other film industries, such as documentaries. They simply did not cut it any longer. In France, these societies fostered the appearance of impressionist and surrealist cinemas. In Brazil, they only allotted the consistent outlet for domestically produced movies. Most of these clubs and societies were found in Western Europe, but with all trendy things, they soon were seen in the United States and Latin America.

The very first film festival was directly due to the Italian dictator, and arguable tyrant, Benito Mussolini. His enthusiasm for motion pictures as a tool for his political public relationship and of course, propaganda, made things quite interesting. He spent large sums to plump up his state-run Italian cinema to have a fighting chance against the outrageously famous Hollywood. He imposed brutal taxes on foreign movies, putting a damper of their distribution. The first cinema program was ushered in, fittingly, by the classic of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. It featured and astounding twenty-four other submissions from other countries as well. Despite a statement that the exhibition was all about art, the public knew that there was a major political subtext to the event.

This attempt was unsuccessful to say the least. Many were upset, enraged even, and stormed out of the event. It was not until 1939 that the film festival was taken seriously, and emerged as a true event and a staple for culture. The Cannes International Film Festival was scheduled to extend the tourist season by a couple more weeks. It included titles such as Only Angels Have Wings, and The Hunchback of Norte Dame. However, the only film to be seen this day was the opening, as Germany’s invasion of Poland cut it tragically short. It was re-opened in 1946, and despite technical difficulties, it was a smashing success. Many festivals took place afterward, and some to be named would be the Toronto International Film Festival, which has since grown into one of the most all-embracing in the world. Another would be the founding of the United States Film Festival in Salt Lake City. It has been renamed the Sundance Film Festival, which is flocked to by many a media camera-man in hopes to cover its glory.

If you would like to see a film festival nowadays, do not fret. They are still around. Some that can be visited are the Toronto International Film Festival, as mentioned, the Sundance, and the Slamdance Film Festival. Check the web if you are interested. These events are something not to be passed up. Movies are always thought to bring the family together, and combined with travel; they can really make a trip go right.

Film Festivals – A Guide to the Most Prominent Festivals

As yearly events, film festivals attract swarms of media attention and celebrities, mainly due to the excitement of the avant-garde nature of the films on top of the obvious interest of actors and public figures. From the beaches of southern France, to the slopes of alpine Park City, Utah, here is a list of some of the most important festivals and the experience expected at each of them

Cannes Film Festival – The Cannes Film Festival takes the crown for the biggest name in festivals around the world. It’s frequented by Hollywood A-listers such as Brad Pitt and George Clooney, often presenting some of the films of the year. With its repertoire of well-crafted independent films, Cannes is the agenda setter for film industry for the following year. One of the main reasons for its success, however, is the plethora of foreign independent films that continually outscore their American counterparts. Cannes is essentially the Super Bowl of film festivals.

South By Southwest – Originally hosted as an enormous music festival within one of the most culturally influential cities in America, South By Southwest, or SXSW for short, also offers some of the most progressive independent films within the cinema aspect of the festival. The premise of SXSW was originally to showcase up and coming musical acts, but they have applied these same principles to smaller films in order to highlight some of the most well put together independent films in the nation. As a showcase for creativity within the United States, SXSW delivers thought provoking cinema alongside its musical focus.

Sundance Film Festival – No list of prominent film festivals would be complete without mentioning the Sundance Film Festival. Every January, the resort town of Park City explodes with celebrities and media as Sundance displays some of the most influential works of independent film. After all, this festival is the heart of American independent cinema and focuses on highlighting up and coming directors and small budget ingenuity. As far as film festivals in America go, Sundance is arguably the biggest one around.

Telluride Film Festival – Another festival set in a resort community, the Telluride Film Festival takes place in Telluride, Colorado, a town famous for its luxury ski resort atmosphere. Over Labor Day weekend, this festival is unique because of its emphasis on both new and old influential cinema. It also offers movie-goers a chance to learn about the film industry, with in depth seminars on most aspects of independent filmmaking. To average film enthusiast, the Telluride Film Festival offers great cinema in the heart of the Colorado Rockies.

Film festivals are often cited as the largest influence over cinema culture. When up-and-coming producers and directors are offered a chance to showcase their work at such events, it provides an opportunity for the general public to learn about which of the next year’s movies are worth watching and which aren’t. Though there are many more festivals around the globe, the ones listed carry the most weight when determining the cinema agenda for the following year.

What are the Best Poker Films

Men and poker go together like cake and ice cream. It is no wonder why men can’t get enough of poker; they will watch it on the television, attend a poker tournament as well as watch a good poker film. What exactly is it that makes a good poker film? There are certain aspects that need to be present in a good poker film in order to qualify as a great poker film. Then there are those poker films that are classics just by themselves. These are the films that many people are quick to declare as being a worthy poker film.

These movies are classics just by the fact of the performances that were given by the actors in them. One of these poker films that are considered to be a classic is “cool hand Luke,” Paul Newman gave one of his best performances in this film. This is one of the best poker films that have been made in a long time. This film is considered to be a classic poker film to show during a Saturday night poker game. This along with chips and beer and you have yourself a classic poker night at your house.

The Sting” is another of these poker films that has been made into a staple of the American pop culture. The film again needs no introduction as to why it is considered to be a classic poker film. When you are looking at a movie that will have all the classic signs of a good poker film then this one that you will want to watch again and again as you gather with your friends to play a good game of poker with them.

When you ask a person what makes a great poker film, they will give you all kinds of answers as to what it is that makes a movie unforgettable in the minds of a person. It may be the fact that the game is portrayed as being a man’s game. Maybe the fact that a poker game is the ultimate social networking activity, all these people gathered around a poker table, all studying one another in an effort you may be read a sign from the other players that will give away their hand. Whatever the reason that these poker films are so popular, it is safe to say that the more that a person watches one, the more that they will feel more like a poker playing professional.

The next time that you and your poker star friends are all gathered together, start a discussion as to what are the best poker films in their mind. While some of these will be the same among your entire guest, you will be shocked at some that are placed on that list with the rest. This will be where the real debate begins, as there will be a lot of players that will have movies on their list that you either never thought of, or some that you never even heard of.

When I Get Old, I Want To Play Bingo Online!

Bingo is truly a great game for the elderly when it comes to helping them keep their mind sharp. So what is even better is showing your grandparents how to get online so they can play bingo without leaving the comforts of their own home. For those of you who don’t really know much about the game itself here is some great information on bingo.

Bingo is a great way now to help churches raise money for mission trips and youth group outings. Though really the best way to start a good explanation about what bingo is, is with some of the history behind bingo. The history actually began in Italy in 1530 the little national lottery game called Lo Giuoco del Lotto’ D’Italia. After that Bingo bounced around in France and Germany for about a decade before coming to America, though good food for thought considering how bingo is used now, the church back in the day actually considered bingo to be the devil’s game.

When reaching America in the 1920′s, bingo, just like any of our other favorite pastimes, became very much Americanized. Instead of being called Lo Giuoco del Lotto’ D’Italia people now started referring to it as beano. When the everyday American by the name of Edwin Lowe came across beano while traveling he absolutely love the game and decided one evening to get together a group of close friends and while playing one friend got so excited she actually yelled out the name that makes bingo so popular today, when she scored during the game. Lowe was so taken with the name bingo, he decided that beano just did not describe the game well enough and made a game he invented without anyone being any the wiser and as he traveled for sometime after that anyone he introduced the game to knew it from there out that this new exciting game as bingo.

Internet casino bonus bingo did not really begin to take off until the further expansion of Internet. It only made since that bingo being as popular as it is would be snatched up by online casinos everywhere as a softer form of gambling as compared to online roulette or online poker. Online casinos started using bingo online shortly after coming online themselves and ever since then it has been a true hit. Today bingo actually accounts for more than ninety million dollars spent, and that is not including the revenue pulled in by online casinos.

Bingo is a great casino game to play, by using a grid online, the online bingo sites use a random number generator and you have to wait for your numbers to be called. This makes the game easy to play online for those like the elderly who may not know that much about how to use the Internet. Even the odds in this game make it fair enough to play and not over tasking to win a round or two. Even if you are not a big fan of bingo is a great gambling game to play online even for the younger folk. No risk involved, the only risk you run is having too much fun. So even though this game is online it would make a great safe way for your grandparents and elderly friends to enjoy without having to go out or not being able to go out because of medical reasons.

Playing Internet Blackjack Has Advantages

Blackjack has been a favorite casino game for years. We all played the game as children and adults enjoy it even more. With the growth of the Internet, Blackjack players can now enjoy the game from the comfort of their homes. There are many other advantages that online Blackjack has over the conventional blackjack hall. These advantages include that online blackjack can be played anywhere, anytime, and for real money at an online casino or you can play blackjack at most of the same online casinos for pure enjoyment.

Remember as a child you used to break out the blackjack game with the little red plastic discs. You could sit for a few hours playing the game, just waiting to call blackjack. It was a favorite then and playing blackjack now is a favorite among many adults. The difference is that many adults play the game as a way to gamble. You can go to any casino or blackjack hall and play for real money. Those days are behind us now. You can now visit any online casino or online blackjack hall and play. With this advantage, if you are unable to leave your home then you can still enjoy the game.

Playing internet blackjack at the newest online casinos is probably the biggest advantage over the conventional blackjack halls. With the old way, you had to leave your home, and head out to the casino or blackjack hall. There are even a few fire departments that hold a weekly blackjack game as a way to raise funds for equipment. The problem with this way is that you could only play in their facility or building. This limited the amount of blackjack playing that one could enjoy. With online blackjack, you no longer have to worry about that. Even if you were in a hotel room on a business trip, playing blackjack online has made the game a little more accessible for many players who just did not have the means to visit a casino.

Remember only being able to play when the blackjack tournament hall was open. This is where online blackjack will bring the game to another level. You can now play online blackjack anytime you want. There are varieties of games that make the game available to everyone. If you find yourself in a business meeting and just cannot find the time to go out and enjoy the game of blackjack. You can play a quick game during your lunch break if you have the latest mobile casino software. This is all possible because online blackjack halls or casinos do not close. The best part of all you can even play for real money or just for the enjoyment of the playing the game. Online blackjack has taken the game to the next level.

Playing Free Poker on the Internet

While poker players can play for real money on the internet, there are plenty of opportunities to play Internet Poker for free. Most internet poker sites provide play money tables that allow players to play poker with fun money that has no real value in addition to the real money pokerstars tables. The play money allows players to keep score when they play poker online, without having to put up the funds in order to play. Additionally, many poker sites provide free entry poker tournaments, which cost nothing to enter, but pay out prizes in real money. Finally, some poker sites like PokerStars allow players to pay a monthly membership fee as opposed to buying in with real money. The members will then have access to poker tables and games, where they can play poker for free and even win cash or prizes while playing for free on the Internet.

Play Money Tables

Play money tables use the same set of rules that real money tables use in their poker games. The play money tables are denominated based on desired stakes and follow the same format as their real money poker table counterparts do. For example, if a player sits down at a 10-20 NL play money table, the blinds cost ten and twenty play money dollars respectively and the blinds rotate just as they would at a real money 10-20 NL poker table. When a player takes down the pot, they are credited the appropriate amount of the play money pot. When they stand up from the table, the play money chips go into their poker player account balance.


Freeroll tournaments allow poker players to play tournament poker for real prizes without paying an entry fee. These free poker tournaments on often are quite large and they do follow the same rules as normal buy-in poker tournaments. They typically play a lot looser than real money tournaments, however, because there are many poker players who either do not know the game of poker well, or understand that their downside risk is zero when playing free poker tournaments, as they paid nothing for the chips. However, freerolls provide players with the opportunity to play poker tournaments on the internet for free.

Membership Poker Sites

Playing at a poker site such as that collects a monthly membership fee in exchange for providing an unlimited amount of poker play is a great way to play poker for free. Even though the membership costs money, the player can play as much poker on the site as they want to. Some membership poker sites such as Spade Club even award players prizes and cash in many forms throughout the month. Ring game poker and poker tournaments can both be played on these membership based Internet poker sites.

Poker: Slow rolling sparks fast emotions

I guess that would be “strong” emotions, but then it wouldn’t flow as well in the headline. Anyway, when I think of the most irritating slow rolls of all time, that last “magic” hand in Maverick comes to mind immediately. Not only did Gibson slow roll, but he slow played his hand (not even looking at his last card before betting). I’d have opened fire on him too, even if I did try to cheat on the same hand.

Of course, real life isn’t the movies, and slow rolling probably won’t get you shot (in most states), but it’s considered extremely poor etiquette and likely will get you blackballed from more than a few regular games if you do it consistently.

For those who need a quick refresher, slow rolling is when a Titan Poker player waits at the end of a hand to show you what he’s got. Either delays showing entirely, or flips up one card at a time until his full hand is revealed. This often offers the other players false hope that their hand is good. I’m sure it’s happened to you before, and you know the feeling of thinking your make a smart bet with your top two-pair only to see the jerk slow roll that third seven up at the last second. It makes your blood boil, and you just sit there shaking your head.

In one sense, it’s a smart strategic move, because it can infuriate players into making rash, anger-driven plays in future hands, but when you have to resort to that as the slow roller, you need to reassess your poker strategy as a whole.

But what can you really do as the recipient of the slow roll? Especially if it’s on an internet poker site, you’ll only empower the guy to do it again if you start to make a fuss. Like someone who posts a comment and then never returns to the thread, a slow roller is probably just doing it to make themselves feel better – a childish move to be sure – and the best medicine against it is for you to just come back and knock him down a peg with smart betting. And, if you happen to take a nice PlayersOnly pot off him, thank him kindly and then leave the table or room (causing him to simmer a little in the process), hey, nothing wrong with that. You’re fighting fire with water instead of fire with fire there.

Of course, all of us reading this are probably guilty of slow rolling at one time or another ourselves. Let’s be honest, it’s fun because it gives us a little taste of control, of knowing what others don’t know. It can develop into a bad habit if you indulge too often, though, and the last thing you want to be known for in poker circles is pissing off other regulars for the wrong reasons.

Nine Player Sit and Go PokerStars Tips

Nine player sit and go poker tournyes are the most popular sit and go tournament played in online poker and most people start out playing these. There good for new players because they don’t cost that much too play and you have a 33% chance of winning money which is pretty good when you consider other odds of casino games. In a nine player sit and go tournament the top three players will make money so the goal is obviously to finish in the top three before you worry about trying to obtain first place. We’re going to look at some quick tips to help you survive these lightning quick tournaments and win yourself some money.

* Make sure you keep the PokerStars download tournament fee reasonable compared to your bankroll. If you have $50 on your poker account then you shouldn’t enter a $20 sit and go tournament because you will only have two chances at winning. You should be down to about a $2-$5 sit and go tournament when you have a $50 bankroll and only move up if you start increasing your bankroll.

* The goal is to outlast six other players and finish in the top three first before you worry about finishing in first place. Don’t take any unneeded risks when there are only four or five of you left in the tournament because you don’t want a bad beat to ruin your chances of winning some money in that tournament.

* If you’re winning and have a nice chip lead you should use it to push the table and try to make everyone fold there hands to you pre-flop. Most of the time they will and you’ll be able to lower everyone’s stack as the blinds go around the table. This is a good strategy because once you do this a couple times around the table you’ll have taken chips from every player and therefore everyone will be easier to knock out of the tournament down the road.

* If you’re in last place don’t worry about rushing to push your chips all-in. A lot of people are impatient once they lose a big hand and they just want to throw there chips into the pot on any hand. Don’t do this because you’ll usually be knocked out of the tournament. Try and wait for a good hand where you stand a shot of winning the hand. You could also end up outlasting other opponents if they lose an all-in and therefore you could win money still without doing anything except sitting there and folding your hand.

* When you make a big raise in a sit and go pokerstars tournament make sure that you’re committed to the pot and you’re willing to go all-in. If no one calls you then you win the pot on your big raise, but you’ll often find that people will come over the top all-in on you. Sometimes they have nothing and are just seeing if you’ll call and sometimes you’ll run into a big hand. This is why you should never raise big unless you have a hand that you’re willing to go all-in with.

Poker Stars Christmas Promotion – “Christmas Cracker”

Poker Stars has the most revolutionary poker room in the industry right now and if you still haven’t checked it out then there is a good reason to during the holidays. Starting on Dec 1, Poker Star started running there “Christmas Cracker” promotion which is an event featuring 13 tournaments with guaranteed prize pools. Winners of the tournaments will also have a chance of winning some great Christmas gifts from PKR apart from the prize pool.

The tournament schedule is nicely set-up and they haven’t rushed the tournaments so you still have lots of time to play in them. The first tournament started yesterday and there is one tournament everyday until January 2nd with awesome prize pools. Poker Star has guaranteed to add $170,000 in cold hard cash to the 13 tournaments so you can guarantee each tournament is paying out big bucks. Some of the gifts you’ll have a chance of winning include an Ipod Touch, Playstation 3 and Home Media System. These aren’t cheap gifts and they’ll be making someone’s Christmas a little extra special this year.

If you’re away over the holidays and can’t manage to make any of the tournaments before January 2nd PokerStar hasn’t forgotten about you. PokerStar is holding a freeroll tournament for $5000 on January 11th which gives everyone lots of time to settle down after the holidays and get back into our daily routines. In order to participate in these free tournaments, make sure you use the PKR Bonus Code when you register. It’s also a freeroll tournament so it won’t cost you anything so you should join PKR now so you can secure your sport in this awesome tournament which is sure to be a hit.

Download from today and sign up for the tournaments being held during the holidays, have buy-ins ranging from $10-$250 and almost all the tournaments start at 6PM. On Christmas Day the tournament doesn’t start until 8PM so you have lots of time to eat your dinner before heading to the computer. I hope to see you all in some of the tournaments and wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

Types of Online Poker Tournaments

There are lots of different types of poker tournaments that you can participate in online as a player. Some tournaments will work better for some playing styles while other tournaments work for other playing styles. If you’re a loose/aggressive player then you’re going to want to probably play in regular sit and go tournaments or multi-table tournaments. You might also find that bounty tournaments at PokerStars will work well for your playing style. If you’re a tight player then you might find that you do best playing in double up tournaments or regular tournaments. Below is a list of the popular types of online poker tournaments, but keep in mind not every poker room will offer every one of these tournament structures.

* Freeze out tournaments are regular Full Tilt Poker tournaments where you can’t rebuy any chips during the tournament. Once you’re out of chips in a freeze out tournament you will be eliminated from the action. The tournament will play out until there is only one player with all of the chips.

* Full Tilt Poker Rebuy tournaments are where you’re allowed to rebuy chips if you’re below a certain amount of chips. In some rebuy tournaments you can only rebuy if you run out of chips. In most rebuy tournaments you’ll be allowed one add-on period which usually takes place during the first break of the tournament. Rebuy tournaments will generally have bigger prize pools, but they will take a lot longer to play.

* Bounty tournaments are still rather new to the poker world and not many poker rooms offer them yet. In a bounty tournament part of the buy-in will go towards the prize pool and part of the buy-in will go towards the player’s bounty. If you knocked a player out of this type of tournament then you will receive the bounty in your account right away. These tournaments offer you the chance to break even or make money without finishing in the money and are great for loose players that like all-in hands.

* Double up tournaments are another new tournament format on Poker Stars Cheats software where players have the chance to double up their buy-in minus the tournament fee. Generally double up tournaments are played with 10 players with the top 5 players make money although they can be played with more or less. Double up FullTilt tournaments are generally geared towards the tight player because you don’t need to win many hands to win one of these.

* Freeroll tournaments are tournaments where you don’t need to pay a buy-in in order to play. The poker room will also add a small prize pool in freeroll tournaments for the players. In certain instances during promotions or special occasions poker rooms will add large freerolls for their players. Generally these types of tournaments are only good for players that are new to poker and don’t have their own bankroll yet.

* Guaranteed prize pool tournaments are very popular in the poker rooms like and Full Tilt Poker that have a lot of traffic. You can find guaranteed prize pool tournaments for up to $1 million in some poker rooms although they usually are in the $1K – $200K range.

Foyle Film Festival: a Grand Event

This past November, the Foyle Film Festival wrapped up its 22nd year. The film festival experienced one of its more successful years to date. This is due to the fact that the film festival has received quite a lot of media attention has found its way to the festival with the purpose of bringing awareness to the independent films of the area. To the people of Ireland, this is their Sundance Film Festival. The event is like no other that is in the area. Films from all over the area are showcased with many prestigious awards being handed out to the best of the best in films.

This past year saw an unusually high number of entries to the festival; this as a result made the competition a lot more heated in the fact that these films had a lot more films to compete against than in recent years. In the end the awards went to the more deserving films while in the eyes of those that attended, all of the movies were winners. This was one of the more difficult festivals to have to judge in recent years. There were a lot of worthy films that all could have been a winner in the eyes of the judges. However, with so many films to look at, there could only be a couple that stood apart from the rest.

The festival has enjoyed quite a bit of fame in recent years. When it first started, it was nothing more than just a simple film festival that was held in Ireland. As time went on, the festival grew in its popularity and soon began to attract the attention of celebrities as well as the media. This attention has been a driving force in the fact that the festival has gained a following in the independent film circles and is considered to be one of the more popular film festivals in the European area. The 23rd film festival is shaping up to be bigger than the previous years have been, this again is due to the fact that the festival has earned a lot of fans in the past that see this as an opportunity to have their film showed on a large scale event and get global exposure to their independent film. With all of the attention that is around the festival this will be one of the biggest years that the festival has experienced in a long while.

2010 will be a year to remember with the Foyle Film Festival as there will be a lot of impressive films that are sure to be top contenders when it comes to film of the year. The competition will be stronger this year, as well as in the next several years, as time moves on. If you are a fan of the independent film category, then you will need to make sure to check this film festival out and see what all the rest of the world has been talking about over the world.