Ray Diaz: The Story Behind His Success

Ray Diaz Facebook page says that he began his modeling career in New York and made a bold move to Miami to take it up a notch. While on the set of this national commercial, of Macy’s, Diaz showed interest in the collaborative portion of the project, upon which being noticed being so focused – He was advised to take an acting class. Thus, he enrolled into the ‘The William Esper Studio’ in New York and once he took up class, he ran with it and realized that acting was his calling.

Shortly thereafter, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue this new passion as a career and fortunately made his film debut with the thriller, ‘Stone Markers,’ in which he played the lead. In the meantime, he was working on various other commercials with huge brands such as Lexus, Ford and Subway.

The Ray Diaz Been Verified Page was previously represented by a famous modeling agency, ‘Wilhelmina,’ in New York City and therefore, landed many profitable gigs and took part in several national campaigns. These included work projects for renowned brands like Calvin Klein, L’Oreal, Polo, Cosmopolitan, Reebok, Harley Davidson and the likes. The second independent film break he got was ‘In Da Cut’ which released in the year 2013. This led to his being represented by the ‘LuberRoklin Entertainment’ agency, a huge step forward.

Diaz is one such person who persevered and ultimately booked his first lead role in a TV series in the drama TV show, ‘East Los High,’ through the LuberRoklin Entertainment company in the year 2014. Early in 2017, Ray Diaz joined the cast of TV Land’s comedy show, ‘Lopez’ as a series regular from season 2 onwards.

Born on August 13, 1988 in Key West, Florida. He has an older sibling, Lusana. Diaz made his debut in the first episode of the new season on March 29 as Hector, a friend from Manolo’s (Anthony “Citric” Campos) past, who becomes like a son to George and a little brother to Manolo and Maronzio (Maronzio Vance). With George’s help, Hector tries to get on his feet and find something he’s good at. The ladies love him, but that doesn’t seem to get him very far.

After working all through Season 1 to get a residency show in Vegas, Season 2 finds George is frustrated with Ispot TV Ray Diaz for the tedium of having to do the same show every night. Along with his manager Olly (Hayley Huntley), and his opening act Maronzio, George tries to move on to bigger and better things that will make him relevant again. This season also will see George exchange one-off dates for a steadier romantic relationship, and Manolo goes back to school to earn his degree. Lopez is executive produced and written by Lopez, John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky (Silicon Valley, King of the Hill). Michael Rotenberg (It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia) of 3 Arts Entertainment also serves as executive producer. Diaz is currently represented by Luber Roklin Entertainment.

He is of Cuban descent and began his career in New York City, before moving to Los Angeles. He also has a secondary account at iamraydiaz. TV Land has cast actor and social media celebrity Ray Diaz Social Blade account has him as a series regular. Ray Diaz shifted to Los Angeles to take up acting. Because of his sheer hard work and perseverance and still has newer heights to reach, he reached where he is now only.

Ray Diaz Fitplan App shifted to Los Angeles to take up acting. He is now running an in-home bootcamp for getting the best abs of your life, taking everything he knows about abs and packing it into short video courses.